Unboxing! Love From Lizi November 2019 “Enchanted Lake” Card Kit

Hello Folks! Scott here with the new Love From Lizi November 2019 Card Kit.

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 10.56.03 PM

Lizi is calling this the Enchanted Lake card kit, and it features a huge bunch of Swans and Christmas images and sentiments in a very contemporary color palette!


Let’s start with our card stock this month. As usual, Lizi gives us five sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ card stock, and our colors this month are a soft Gray, super smooth copic-friendly White, Mint, soft Blue, and Navy blue. I do make my 10 card bases from these card stocks – though I often swap out the alcohol marker White for a plain White card stock from my stash. We are also treated to an A2 sized sheet of clear acetate (far left) perfect for window cards and shaker cards! Very handy to have in your stash!


And now, for something completely different…! We have some card bases and envelopes in our kit this month! I think this is a first for a LFL kit! We get two, pre-scored silver glitter card bases, two swan cards and four envelopes! The swan card bases are hinged on the left and printed on both the front and the back. Very pretty, and just the beginning of this month’s parade of swans..!


We get some fun die-cut sheets this month!  The one on the left is die-cut topper sentiments featuring light glitter accents and an assortment of (mostly) seasonal sentiments. The two sheets on the right are decoupage sheets with more glitter accents!! We have gotten a nice assortment of Lizi’s decoupage sheets over the last couple of years and these two are the same concept – start with layer 1 then add numbered layers on top of that with foam tape spacers between the layers for a very three-dimensional effect on your cards! I love Lizi’s decoupage sheets!


That brings us to our pattern paper for this month. 18 sheets of 6″ x 6″ single-sided pattern papers. Many of these sport subtle glitter accents as well, and, as you can see, there’s lots of swans, snowflakes, wreaths and feathers in complimentary, contemporary colors. Not necessarily all about Christmas with these patterns, so these sheets seem like they should be pretty versatile!


We are also treated to a new embossing folder this month featuring a field of snowflakes. This is a nicely detailed, fairly intricate embossing folder from Hallmark Cards. Inc. and I am very happy to note that all of these snowflakes are six-pointed. One of my pet peeves is inaccurate snowflakes. All snowflakes contain six sides or points owing to the way in which they form. The molecules in ice crystals join to one another in a hexagonal structure, an arrangement which allows water molecules – each with one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms – to form together in the most efficient way.  Unfortunately, this embossing folder kind of ignores the dictate that every snowflake is unique… Part of the enduring appeal of snowflakes is their intricate appearance and near infinite variation, often leading to the assertion that all snowflakes are unique. While this is in some sense impossible to test, as a general rule it is entirely true. The number of possibilities of changes in temperature and humidity as the snowflake falls to the ground is limitless. If you look closely at a snowflake you will see countless individual features, all of which could have formed ever so slightly differently in direction or shape owing to the slightest change in the environment in which it formed.  Thus concludes my snowflake lecture (this year)!


And here’s our peel offs and stamp set for the month! The pin-stripe peel offs are a sky blue color outlined with silver pinstripes. Extra bang for your buck with some color and reflective shine all in one! The Enchanted Lake stamp set features nine seasonal sentiments in a lovely script font. Always nice to have more options for the holidays!

And that brings us to our big bag of embellishments!


From top to bottom, and left to right, we get five die-cut ephemera toppers featuring three swans, a tree and a feather ornament. We get our sample packet of the Enchanted Lake sequin mix with lots of iridescent sequins sprinkled with pink and navy blue accents. Another new item in our kit are these two shaker tags / ornaments with the feather motif on the blue one and a swan on the pink one, these shaker tags have more glitter accents and are filled with beads and snowflakes. One of our unique embellishments this month is a packet of snow – not glitter mind you, but fluffy, dimensional snow. Perfect for shaker cards or for creating some dimensional snow banks and snowy accents.

After a couple of months without getting any Nuvo Drops, this month we do get a new color of Jewel Drops – Steel Blue – these drops dry translucent with just a little hint of the color. Perfect wintry accents! We also get a packet of coated wood veneer die-cuts – five white textured swans, five gold glitter stars, and five silver glitter snowflakes (six-sided!). The backs of these are still plain wood, so you can use either side. We also have a packet containing five white feathers in assorted sizes, three pre-tied white satin bows and three silver snowflake die-cuts. I have a feeling those feathers are going to end up all over my office! Last (but not least) we get two dies this month – a swan and a snowflake – both nicely detailed with some cut feather accents on the swan.

That wraps up all the items included in the LFL November 2019 Card Kit. I was fortunate enough to receive a couple of the monthly add-ons and new release items as well!


First I got the Enchanted Lake Peel Off Selection Pack which includes a sheet of “straight” peel offs in a new color – Mauve Moondust; a sheet of “sway” Clear Irridescent peel offs; a sheet of “pin-stripe” Silver Glitter peel offs and a sheet of Gold Mirror “bubble” peel offs. A great collection to compliment the colors of this card kit. I am extra thrilled to get the Silent Night LFL Stamp Set add-on. Featuring six snow globes with a snowman, a Christmas tree, a house, a gingerbread man, some gifts and a deer, this is a lovely stamp set ready to color!! Both of these add-ons are still available at Love From Lizi!


Finally, I received all three variations of the LFL Christmas Essentials Peel Off packs!! These are red, green, silver and gold pin-stripe peel offs in Mirror, Glitter, and Holographic finishes. Perfect accents for the coming holidays! I also got the new Let It Snow die which creates this terrific tag with a distant village and lots of (six-sided) snowflakes and five-pointed stars! This is a big die – about 4.5″ tall – with lots of details and a clear easy-to-read sentiment. Unfortunately, this die has sold out already… BUT…

As of posting, the Love From Lizi November 2019 Card Kit is still available! If I’ve piqued your curiosity or whetted your appetite, please use the individual links included in this post, or if you want to browse, please use my general link when you go shopping at Love From Lizi: http://bit.ly/LFLlink.

That’s everything I received in my Love From Lizi box for November. There are many more add-ons and new product releases associated with this card kit – I encourage you to check them all out!  Thank you so much for sharing your time with me here… it is always genuinely appreciated! Please remember to Like me, List me, Pin me, Post me, make me write bad checks, and, as always, Happy Crafting!

DISCLOSURE: This site contains some affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Thank you!

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