NEW PRODUCT INTRO! “The Stacker” from the Scor-Pal family of products.

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Hello Folks! Scott here with a new post introducing a NEW product coming to us from the Scor-Pal family of products. THE STACKER is a great new tool to organize all your rolls of Scor-Tape and keep them accessible on your craft table! It’s like having a helping hand!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve misplaced a roll of Scor-Tape on my desk only to find it later hiding under a piece of pattern paper or a stamp set…!

This is a fairly simple idea brought to glorious life by Diana Crick and the folks at Scor-Pal. This will hold any roll of Scor-Tape as well as any other roll of double-sided tape with a 3″ (75mm) core – that means this would hold most larger rolls of foam tape as well! It also sports six little rubberized feet on the bottom so it won’t slide around on your desk!

One of the most interesting things about this new product, is the fact that a stand like this should most likely be weighted – it should have a heavy base so it doesn’t tip over when used. But, in order to save on shipping costs, and keep the price of The Stacker as low as possible, Scor-Pal designed this nifty gadget so we can add our own weight!

NOT using water or other liquids seems like a very good idea…! There are two rubber caps on either side of the center storage bin. Simply open those and fill the inner chambers with whatever you wish (except liquids!). I used some old aquarium gravel that was small enough to fill the chambers. That gave me a nicely weighted tool with little chance of spillage even if tipped over.

I grabbed all the different widths of Scor-Tape rolls in my stash and added them to my weighted Stacker. I was actually able to add a 2.5″ roll, a 1″ roll, a 1/4″ roll and a 1/8″ roll on The Stacker while still having a little room to spare!

I don’t use my 2.5″ roll of Scor-Tape very often, so I decided to put that away in a drawer for safe-keeping and just have my 1″ and smaller tapes on the stand. I found it quite easy to pop the appropriate roll on top of the stack and pull from that when applying my Scor-Tape to my project. I probably use my 1/4″ and 1/8″ widths more than any others, so keeping them on the top should prove to be the most useful to me.

I love the fact that this stand lets me use both hands when applying my Scor-Tape and keeps the roll from moving around on my desk and letting extra tape stick to anything it comes into contact with!

If you happen to be in the middle of taping a number of pieces, I found it quite easy to simply pop the end of my active roll on the top of The Stacker – it’s readily available for the next use and you don’t have to fish around for the beginning of the roll. Once you’re done, it’s simple enough to rewind your extra length of Scor-Tape back onto the roll.

I got a bit of a giggle from the top of The Stacker box. It says “Can’t find the roll of tape on your desk? The Stacker is the Answer!”. When I’m contentedly crafting away, (especially when I have a monthly kit spread out) I often end up losing my most used tools somewhere on my desk as well…! My bone folder, craft knife, poker tool, small fussy-cut scissors, those are the regular tools I misplace most often. The Stacker IS the Answer!

With this central storage compartment built into The Stacker, I have the perfect place to hold my most used tools! It keeps them up and above the chaos on my desk and keeps everything nice and handy. I’ll just have to train myself to remember to put these tools BACK in The Stacker after using them. I’m sure that will soon become second-nature.

I think that just about covers all the cool perks of this newest tool from Scor-Pal! I love having a convenient storage spot for my Scor-tape and crafting tools that is small enough to keep on my desk at all times. I’m thrilled Diana asked me to introduce you to The Stacker!

The Stacker is now available at If you’d like one of these handy tools for yourself, you can use my coupon code at to save 10%: STACKER (all caps!)

Diana has also graciously provided three Stackers for an introductory give-away. To enter, simply leave a comment on my accompanying YouTube video and telling me what your favorite Scor-Pal product is, and WHY it’s your favorite. Here’s the link to The Stacker video: I’ll collect entries through July 15th and announce the winners by July 20th. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Thanks for sharing your time with me here, please share this post with all the folks who find that having an extra hand at their craft desk is a good thing! Remember to Like me, List me, Pin me, Post me, Share me with all your friends… Don’t forget to grab one of these for yourself, and as always, I wish you Health and Happy Crafting!

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