Star Trek Communicator Card

My better half, though not a crafter, is a huge Star Trek fan from way back, and created this card with minimal help from me. The final result is really excellent and actually has a couple of interactive elements included. I believe the Halloween Extract Bottle cards I did with the Love From Lizi October 2017 card kit was the initial inspiration for this fun card simply because they flipped open from the top.  I promised I’d do a post and show everyone what a special card he created!IMG_4045The Communicator itself is made from two layers of black chipboard so there’s room for the ‘bells and whistles’ under the flip top cover. The size is pretty accurate according to web research. The cover is cut from my old core-dinations Auburn Pearl cardstock, and the perforations are hand-punched! And you thought I was obsessive!! LOL! Since this was going on a black ‘star-field’ card base, a brushed silver mat was cut to go between the communicator and the card base. And a simple hand-flip opens the cover.IMG_4047The recessed area was cut through both layers of the chipboard and filled with fairly accurate ‘inner workings’ of the original Star Trek Communicator! Some brushed silver card stock (the little speaker grid is hand-etched!) and two silver brads are attached to the bottom of the recess and three dots of Ranger Enamel Accents become the ‘lights’. The moire circle on the top was actually hand-drawn on card stock and acetate and mounted with a thick silver frame so it’s easy to grab and turn to get the (again accurate) spinning moire pattern. I do believe it’s pretty amazing how accurate this paper recreation is! Of course this is a card… so the sentiment is on the inside.IMG_4048YUP! A little bit of a pun for you! LOL!! Kind of the perfect sentiment for a “Communicator’ Card! This was created on the computer using the Herculanum font and a copy of the Star Fleet Insignia for the ‘A’ and printed on my standard Staples grey card stock and then die-cut with the largest Spellbinders Deckled Rectangle Die. This is a terrifically fun card, and whether the giver or the recipient is a ‘Trekkie’ is all the justification needed – of course, all the better if BOTH are bitten by the Trek bug! If you have any Original Star Trek fans in your orbit (LOL!) I’m sure they would get a big kick receiving a card like this! Thanks for taking some time with me today, and giving a look at this very unique card! Happy Crafting AND…  Live Long and Prosper!!

22 thoughts on “Star Trek Communicator Card

  1. Astronomical card…he did a Spocktacular job!! I’m not a die hard trekkie but I loved watching the tv series every week. 🙂


  2. To go boldly where your partner never had before….lol. I think someone has been watching you closely Scott! This is quite clever! Beam us up Partner! ))))


  3. That is very cool, I love it!! But I’m pretty sure I won’t receate this card, looks way too complicated for me. Lol! But I am showing it to my brother for sure! Thanks!!


  4. Your better half did an AMAZING job. All the more so because he’s not a crafter!!!! I’m very impressed!!! Love the card…so creative. It must run in you family😊


      1. Yep…one look at that card and I knew he is a perfectionist, too! Definitely runs in your family. LOL XO


  5. WOW!!! Joel did an INCREDIBLE job made even more so because he’s not a crafter. AMAZING! So authentic and SO FUN! Love your blog about this, Scott. You make a great team. BTW…I just received my LFL kit today. Can’t wait to “Dig into it.”


  6. We both loved this one! Me with my costume jewelry communicator button brooches, many jewelry sets Ive made over the years, his bathrobe, slippers, both our PJs and best of all our Star Trek communicator panel inside the house entry way. You push the button and several sounds alert the door’s open (red alert) etc. your partner did a fantastic job, and we both admire his creative logic!


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