LFL August 2017 Card Kit Add…

I posted  this on the Love From Lizi group over at FB but thought I should add a post about this here. I mentioned that I had not made a shaker card with the LFL August Card Kit, but someone asked me about my fridge magnet and did I ‘seal’ the magnet to protect it from kitchen grime? No, I hadn’t, but that got me thinking and I made this adjustment:


I cut a simple frame from some gold glimmer specialty paper along with a piece of acetate and foam mounted that to the existing magnet with a bunch of the ‘Cookies and Cream’ sequins from the kit. I even went in and covered the sides of the foam strips with some gold glitter paper (from the LFL July kit) to kind of ‘seal’ in the whole magnet. Just a little extra effort here and we have a shaker magnet for your fridge!


As you can see, the magnet still sticks to the card base with no problem. It even shakes without falling off the card..!! Plenty of sequins but not so many that you can’t make out the sentiment. I don’t know why, but this did not occur to me until the question about sealing the magnet came up. And now I can say that I DID make a shaker card with the Love From Lizi August 2017 Card Kit. Hope you enjoy this little extra tidbit!!

2 thoughts on “LFL August 2017 Card Kit Add…

  1. Scott — I do not have a silhouette system and would love to find the mixer image you used on the card “Lick the Bowl”. Where can I find that online? Also, I really loved your recipe album. Where can I buy that chipboard to make one?


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